Content policy

# Important Notice: Do Not Add Other Scripts or Software

**Ownership and Modifications:**
Please be advised that the themes and software offered on this platform are the intellectual property of their respective authors or developers. We, as the platform, facilitate the distribution but do not own the code or software listed here. Each product is subject to its own licensing terms, and users are obligated to comply with those terms.

**Prohibited Actions:**
It is strictly prohibited to add, modify, or integrate other scripts or software into the themes or products without explicit authorization from the original authors or developers. Unauthorized modifications may violate licensing agreements and intellectual property rights, leading to legal consequences.

Users bear the responsibility for thoroughly understanding and adhering to the licensing terms associated with each product. Any unauthorized modifications or additions may result in the violation of these terms and can compromise the integrity and functionality of the original themes or products.

**Support and Compatibility:**
The addition of external scripts or software may significantly impact the support and compatibility of the original themes or products. We cannot guarantee the performance or stability of modified versions, and users who engage in unauthorized modifications may forfeit eligibility for support, updates, or other services.

**Security Risks:**
Adding external scripts or software may introduce security risks, vulnerabilities, or conflicts with existing functionality. Users are strongly discouraged from making unauthorized modifications that compromise the security of the platform and user data.

**Penalties for Violation:**
Violation of our terms of service, including unauthorized modifications, may result in account suspension, removal of access to purchased products, or other penalties deemed appropriate by the platform administrators.

**Contact Us:**
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use, modification, or integration of external scripts or software, please contact our support team at before making any modifications.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We strive to maintain a secure and respectful environment for our users and developers.