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The "Visitor Counter" is a WordPress plugin that counts website visitors and post visit counts. This plugin allows you to track and display the number of visitors for your posts and pages. Here's how it works and what it offers:

  1. Visitor Counting:

    • The plugin tracks and counts visitors to your WordPress site.
    • It counts the number of visitors who access each post or page on your website.
  2. Total Visitor Count:

    • The plugin keeps track of the total number of visitors across all posts and pages on your site.
  3. Custom Multiplier:

    • The plugin allows you to set a custom visit count multiplier for individual posts and pages. This multiplier can be used to adjust the visit count based on your preferences.
  4. Visitor Count Display:

    • The plugin adds a stylish visitor count display to the end of your posts.
    • The visitor count display includes a visual signal icon (you can customize this) and the number of views for the specific post.
  5. Visitor Count Display in the Footer:

    • The plugin also adds a visitor count display in the footer of your site. It shows both the total visitors for the current post/page and the total visitors for all posts/pages.
  6. Admin Settings:

    • The plugin provides an admin settings page to configure the default visit count multiplier for all posts and pages.
  7. Customization:

    • The plugin includes CSS styles for the visitor count display, but you can customize these styles to match your site's design.


  1. Installation:

    • Install the plugin through the WordPress Plugin Repository or by uploading the plugin files to your WordPress site.
  2. Activation:

    • Activate the plugin.
  3. Visitor Count Display:

    • The visitor count is displayed at the end of your posts automatically.
  4. Admin Settings:

    • Visit the "Visitor Counter Settings" page in your WordPress admin area to set the default visit count multiplier.
  5. Custom Multiplier:

    • You can set a custom visit count multiplier for individual posts and pages in the post/page editor.
  6. Total Visitor Count:

    • The total visitor count for each post and page can be seen in the admin area.
  7. Total Visitor Count in the Footer:

    • The total visitors are displayed in the footer, indicating both the current post/page visitors and the total for all posts/pages.
  8. Customization:

    • Customize the visitor count display's CSS styles to match your site's theme.

Author: darkwebdeveloper

Version: 1.0

This plugin is a useful tool for tracking and displaying visitor counts on your WordPress site, allowing you to engage your audience and provide valuable insights into your content's popularity.

14 November 2023 12:57:20
Customer Support


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