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Tor Crypta - Documentation


  1. Login: Allows users to log in.
  2. Registration: Enables new user registration.
  3. Reset Password: Functionality to reset user passwords.
  4. Logout: Logs out the authenticated user.
  5. Two-Factor Authentication: Additional security layer for certain routes.

User Related:

  1. Settings:
    • Change Avatar
    • Change Password
    • Change PIN
    • Change Currency
    • Backup Wallet
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Change PGP Key (Verification Code, Confirmation, and Cancellation)
  2. Account Index: Displays user account information.
  3. Transfer & Withdraw: For account transactions.
  4. Conversations & Messages: Communication features between users.
  5. Favorites: Add or remove products to/from favorites.
  6. Orders History & Statuses: View user's order history with different statuses.
  7. Statistics: Displays user-specific statistics.
  8. Affiliate: Affiliate-related functionalities.
  9. Notifications: View and manage user notifications.
  10. PGP Key: View user's PGP key details.

Seller Related:

  1. Become a Seller: Allows users to become sellers.
  2. Seller Dashboard: Dashboard specific to sellers.
  3. Sales: View sales with different statuses.

Staff Related:

  1. Notices: Viewing, Adding, Editing, and Deleting notices.
  2. Products Management: View, feature/unfeature products.
  3. Disputes: Handling disputes between users.
  4. Reports: Viewing and deleting reports.
  5. Support Handling: Managing user help/support requests.
  6. Resolving Disputes: Specific actions related to dispute resolution.
  7. Mass Messaging: Sending mass messages.

Admin Related:

  1. Dashboard: Admin-specific dashboard.
  2. Categories Management: View, Add, Edit, and Delete categories.
  3. Users Management: View and Edit user details.
  4. Exit Button: Functionality for exiting certain admin-related functionalities.

Product Related:

  1. Images: View, Add, and Delete product images.
  2. Offers: Add and Delete product offers.
  3. Deliveries: Add and Delete delivery options.
  4. Product Information: View and Add product information.
  5. Delete Product: Functionality to delete a product.

Order Related:

  1. View Order: Display details of a specific order.
  2. Submit Feedback: Allows submitting feedback for an order.
  3. Dispute Messaging: Sending messages related to a dispute.
  4. Finalize Order Early: Option to finalize orders before completion.
  5. Change Order Status: Functionality to change the status of an order.


  1. Authentication and Security:

    • Multi-factor authentication.
    • PGP key integration for encrypted communication.
    • Two-factor authentication for enhanced security.
  2. User Management:

    • User profile settings with customizable options.
    • Account transaction history and statistics.
    • Affiliate program functionality.
  3. Seller Dashboard:

    • Tools for managing sales, products, and public profiles.
    • Option for users to become sellers.
  4. Staff and Admin Tools:

    • Staff dashboard for handling disputes, managing reports, and supporting users.
    • Admin panel with control over categories, user management, and platform settings.
  5. Product Management:

    • Multi-image support for products.
    • Offers, deliveries, and product information management.
  6. Order Processing:

    • Detailed order view with feedback submission and dispute handling.
    • Early finalization of orders and status updates.



Version: 8.0

Date: 2023-11-08


-Revamp admin theme
-make it super beautiful. 
-Improve core code and performance
-Make it easier to customize

Version: 8.83.27

Date: 2023-12-29


-Implement DDosFilter middleware for DDoS protection
-Add server load monitoring feature using sys_getloadavg() function
-Fix theme UI issues
04 February 2024 01:58:28
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