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Discover the cutting-edge Cosmos marketplace script, tailored for the dark web, featuring a host of advanced functionalities:

? Personalized Themes: Tailor your marketplace experience with custom themes.

?️ DDOS Protection: Shield your platform against distributed denial-of-service attacks.

? Two-Factor Authentication with PGP: Enhance security with robust authentication.

? Advertisement Block Spaces: Effectively showcase ads for maximum visibility.

? Mnemonic-based Account Recovery: Simplify account recovery with mnemonic phrases.

? Captcha-protected Forms: Safeguard against automated threats with Captcha.

? Anti-XSS Protection: Fortify your system against cross-site scripting attacks.

? Responsive Template: Enjoy seamless browsing across various devices.

? Accept Multiple Coins (BTC, XMR): Provide flexibility in payment options.

? Admin Management: Exercise control over charges, withdrawals, commissions, and vendor-related fees.

?‍? Dedicated Admin Panel: Efficiently manage users and products.

? Wallet for Every User: Enable secure transactions with individual wallets.

⏰ Auto-Finalize Orders: Streamline order processing with automated finalization.

⌛ Auto-Cancel Orders: Enhance efficiency by automatically canceling orders after 48 hours.

? Finalize Early for Renowned Vendors: Provide a no-escrow option for established vendors.

?️ Auto-Delete Old Notifications and Messages: Maintain a clutter-free platform.

? Anonymous Reviews on Products: Encourage honest feedback while preserving user anonymity.

? Auto-Vacation Mode: Temporarily halt orders for vendors inactive for a week.

? Admin-managed Escrow: Facilitate secure transactions with administrative oversight.

? TOR Setup with Custom .onion Address: Ensure privacy and anonymity.

? Admin-Approved Withdrawals: Implement controlled and secure fund withdrawals.

? Ticket System: Prevent fraud with a ticketing system that allows order pausing.

? Live Notifications: Stay updated in real-time with dynamic notifications.

? PGP-Encrypted Data, Messages, Delivery Addresses: Prioritize user privacy and security.

?️ Frontend Support for Media: Showcase icons, PNGs, photos, and promotions seamlessly.

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